This article was written for the August edition of The Scroll but was published in September.

Everything has two sides to it: What it looks like and what it really is. The trick, and a true test of one’s perception, is to be able to tell the difference. Some of us are more inclined to pay attention to what something looks like rather than what it actually is. This is not uncommon and, in many ways, perfectly natural. We live in a society that is heavily based on this concept. For more than a half-century, advertising geniuses have earned millions just for making us see products as the brand makers want us to see them without really considering what they really are. I mean, think about it… When you see a Rolls Royce, do you see a well-made car or does your brain just scream “MONEY.” We were told that we would like Life cereal because even Mikey liked it (and he hates everything). At the checkout aisle of any department store or supermarket, you will find products just waiting for you to see and buy them on impulse: whether you need them or not.

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