I don’t know about you but I love to have fun and what can be more fun than getting together with a group of friends and putting on Purim skits to the delight of hundreds of people.

Our skits were all written by David Hurwitz. He takes a popular musical movie or play, rewrites the lyrics to the songs and writes new dialog around it. We have yet to have a play that did not result in raucous laughter.

In addition to having a great time, we also accomplished quite a bit. Our “dress rehearsals” were performances before nursing home audiences and it felt really good to bring a smile to the nursing home residents and patients.

We worked hard in rehearsal from Channukah until Purim, performed multiple times, raised some money for Congregation Ahavas Israel of Passaic and made hundreds of people laugh. What could be better than that?

Over the years, I converted the videos of the performances and put them on YouTube. Here they are for your viewing pleasure:

A Baal Teshuva Under Your Roof

A spoof of Fiddler on the Roof, this was the farce that started it all.

My Frei Zeidi (2013)

David’s hysterical take on My Fair Lady.

The Sound of Mussaf (2014)

The Sound of Music has never been funnier. This performance took place at the Care One nursing home facility in Teaneck, NJ.

The Sound of Mussaf (2014) – Take II

The Care One performance was our “dress rehearsal.” Here we are in our Ahavas Israel performance.

Passaic Park Story (2016)

We took a year off and came back strong in 2016. Here’s David’s version of West Side Story.

Ani (2017)

Even Annie was not safe from David’s pen.